About Me

Hi, I’m Amy and welcome to Co.Wellness!

I’m so grateful that you’re here and am thrilled to share with you how I am cultivating a life overflowing with health, happiness, and love.

I’m on a mission to help others to find their light and the kind of happiness that shines from the soul. Through sharing my own personal journey, the knowledge I’ve collected along the way and being the person to help pull up your socks and give you that shove to connect with the most important person in your life… YOU!

Let’s not pretend here, I am not “perfect” and I don’t have it all together, whatever that means. Some days I don’t wake up bursting with love and happiness yelling “Hell Yeah!”

That is real life, and real life is filled with emotions and feelings that require navigating. That’s what I’m here to do, to share my open and honest experiences to navigating through all these emotions and life experiences whilst finding a life filled with overflowing health, happiness, and love.

Now if this is your jam and you’re thinking “Hell Yeah, I want in on this!” then you’re in the right place. So buckle up, get your honesty pants on and let’s find your life of health, happiness, and love too!

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