Be Courageous

Do you feel seen? Do you feel heard? Do you feel accepted? Do you feel loved?

Did you answer these questions without skipping a beat? Chances are we you answer these with your mind, the first thought that popped into your head. However, did you feel these answers? Did they come from your core being?

So often we expect others to truly see us, to hear our words and connect with them and to accept us exactly as we are.

While it is your birthright to be truly seen, heard and accepted by your family and friends for all of your lightness and darkness often we do not truly see ourselves, we do not listen to ourselves, we do not accept ourselves for all of our lightness and darkness, and we do not truly love ourselves.

How can we ask so much of others when we are unwilling to ask the same of ourselves?

If you fear truly being seen or heard then this may because you are afraid of seeing what lies beneath your surface. Fearful that what you find you may not like. Fearful that your darkness is darker than you imagined.

What you just might find though is that the very thing you feared is actually the very thing that you love the most about yourself. You may just find that when you shine lightness into the depths of your darkness you are no longer scared of the dark but rather at peace with hides within.

We must be courageous and take the time to truly see ourselves, to truly hear ourselves, to truly accept ourselves and to truly love ourselves.

When we have the courage to do this we no longer expect this of others, we unlock a deeper connection with our family and friends than you would’ve ever thought possible.

Through the courage of shining a light into your darkest places, you may just inspire others to do the same.

A life lived in fear of seeing your own shadow is not a life lived at all. Be courageous, be brave and shine the light into the place that scares you the most.

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I am so grateful you are here, reading my words and for finding your way to health, happiness and love.

Have fun on your journey!