Insecurities Of The Mind

Our insecurities are a topic of conversation that we steer away from. We don’t like to discuss the areas we feel that we are lacking in.

We feel ashamed of our insecurities and hide them under a false sense of confidence or like an illusionist take your focus to another area.

Insecurities can manifest in many ways and frequently we hide these behind negative thoughts, ideas, and comments towards someone else. This allows us to feel uplifted that they don’t meet our own personal expectations, as we in our own mind don’t meet the expectations we have for ourselves.

We tend to nit-pick and point out areas of others that we feel should be adjusted or ‘fixed’ as it is less confronting than looking honestly at ourselves.

Become aware of your actions, thoughts, and words towards others. Become aware of if you are portraying your own insecurities upon another.

It takes courage to open your mind and heart to look within yourself and accept who you are, exactly as you are. I do not believe that we have ‘strengths and weaknesses’. We cannot break down a person into their individual parts as we are created whole, as a single piece and a complete being.

Who you are at your core is not determined by the goals you achieve, financial income or appearance. All you ever need to be in this life is to be yourself, allow your core to shine outward and illuminate the sky.

I would love to hear if this resonates with you and what works for you in the comments below. Share open and freely, we’re all on a journey to finding our health, happiness and love. What works for you might just be the thing that clicks for someone else, so please share.

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I am so grateful you are here, reading my words and for finding your way to health, happiness and love.

Have fun on your journey!