Let That Sun Shine

Watching the sun sneak up behind the clouds this morning and shining as bright as ever realigns, reignites and rejuvenates the soul and heart. As the rays reach the ocean shore the mind begins to silence and a sense of calm washes over all who are watching her display of beauty.

This beautiful yellow dwarf start, mother sunshine, is one of the biggest inspirations and teachers we have on this blue planet.

From the moment she rises to the second she sets, she is on display for all. She is under an intense amount of pressure to perform each and every day, no weekends or rest days. Expectations run wild as she’s expected to always be at the top of her game; shining bright no matter the circumstances or weather.

she rises every single day no matter if it’s cloudy, clear skies, raining, haze, smog, hail storms, lightning bolts and all. she rises no matter what is blocking her rays from reaching our grass, trees and skin.

She has an important job to do that holds a lot of power though she doesn’t let it go to her core. she’s steady and at ease, as she lights our way, feeds our bodies with happiness and vitamin D and allows nature to thrive and grow. Without her, we’d have no fuel to feed our bodies.

Her real beauty is in her quiet moments as she rises and sets. It’s at this time that we often stop to appreciate her beauty, though whether anyone is watching doesn’t make a difference to her. She’ll continue on her path without the approval or praise of others.

It is in the darkness that she leaves that we feel her power, it is in this darkness we’re often forced to face ourselves and what hides within. We take ourselves to the most intimate places of our mind and breakdown to have a breakthrough.

Though no matter how dark it gets, how tough it seems or that feeling it’ll never end, it always does. She will always come out to shine again, to face whatever the day may hold with her light shining brightly. No matter the circumstances or whether you’re watching, she’ll continue to shine her light.

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I am so grateful you are here, reading my words and for finding your way to health, happiness and love.

Have fun on your journey!