Life Is A Lesson : Part One

I wanted to share some life lessons I have come across along my journey on this earth so far…

1. No regrets
This is a motto that I live by each and every day, this isn’t to say that I am perfect and never act in a way that I am ashamed of. What this means is that when you act in a way that you are ashamed, feel the emotion and I mean truly feel it. Remember what you felt like in that exact moment. Then pick yourself up, check your pride at the door and sincerely apologise for your action.

Never regret a relationship or adventure that didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. That experience is what has made you who you are today, you have learnt something about yourself that you wouldn’t have if you did not go through that experience or relationship. You can use this to better your future, learn from it and move forward. Each person and experience are brought to us with a purpose, and it is up to us to learn from this and move forward.

2. Fight for what you believe in
When you truly want something or someone in life give it your absolute all. Do whatever it takes to challenge yourself, your beliefs and your soul. This is your one life, your one moment and your opportunity to achieve everything you have ever wanted for yourself. Do not stand on the sideline and then be disappointed when nothing ever happens. You have to act, you have to step outside of your comfort zone and you have to give it every last bit of your physical and emotional energy.

It doesn’t matter if it is a job, a relationship or a material object that you want, you must go out there and get it. If you have ever truly had to fight for something then you will understand that there is no better feeling than when it is achieved. And you will also know that when the time comes to throw in the towel and let go, that you are walking away with no regrets. You will never wonder what would have happened or wish you had just given it a go, you will be at peace because you know you did your all.

3. All you ever need to be is you
You are an amazing person if you just allow yourself to be you! Not everyone is the life of the party, funny, smart, quick-witted and that is OK. If every person on this planet was the same then it would be damn boring. We are each an individual, no two people are the same (even identical twins). Stop trying to be someone that you are not and be happy with whom you are, who you are is beautiful.

Your family and friends love you, for who you are, they see you at your most vulnerable and craziest moments yet they still are proud of you. Quit trying to be someone that you are not, stop putting so much pressure on yourself because all you are doing is making yourself miserable.

And remember who you are today and who you’ll be tomorrow may be two different people, and that is a good thing. As you move through life you will experience things that will change you, that will open you up and show you a side that you never even knew existed. This is a good thing, so roll with it and stop fighting with yourself. Aren’t you tired?

I would love to hear if this resonates with you and what works for you in the comments below. Share open and freely, we’re all on a journey to finding our health, happiness and love. What works for you might just be the thing that clicks for someone else, so please share.

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I am so grateful you are here, reading my words and for finding your way to health, happiness and love.

Have fun on your journey!