Look Up

The modern life is filled with errands, choirs, appointments, catch ups, meetings, work commitments, family commitments and everything in between.

We move from one place to another, cramming as much as we possibly can into every minute of the day.

We move so quickly through our days trying to achieve as much as possible, so much so that we tend to get caught by it all. While completing one task we are thinking about the next. While having coffee with a friend we are thinking about the other tasks that we have to do afterwards. I have found myself a culprit of this way of moving through my day recently.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with wanting tick off as much as possible, where the error occurs is that we tend to live in the future. What is coming to happen after this moment? Where do I need to go next? I need to wrap up here and move onto the next place/task/errand.

While we are focusing on what is coming next we are not fully in the moment that is right in front of us. We are denying ourselves of the true experience that we are in right now. When we continually look ahead we tend to create experiences and stories that haven’t yet happened, this can stress us out and create anxiety in the mind and body.

Taking the time to be present in each moment helps to create a harmonious flow within our mind and body. Draw your attention to what you are doing, the smells, noises, and lights. Paying attention to what is at hand.

You will find that that task, errand or choir will be completed quicker and with less stress or pain as you previously thought. Your catch ups with family and friends will be more enjoyable as you will be able to truly listen to what they are saying, interact with intention and in turn making them feel worthy as you are focused and dedicated to what is happening right in front of you.

As a kid life seemed to flow and move with ease, this is not only solely because we didn’t have the pressures of financial circumstances but because we focused our attention on what was at hand.

All of these moments and days add up to your life. Take the time to stop and look up, stop and smell the roses throughout the day.

I would love to hear if this resonates with you and what works for you in the comments below. Share open and freely, we’re all on a journey to finding our health, happiness and love. What works for you might just be the thing that clicks for someone else, so please share.

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I am so grateful you are here, reading my words and for finding your way to health, happiness and love.

Have fun on your journey!