A Place Of Love

On my journey of self-discovery, I recently stumbled across the most awe-inspiring, life-changing person and I want to share the love.

I had been stumbling in the dark and trying to work out how it is that I continue to fall into the same patterns and routines that bring me unhappiness. I knew I was unhappy with where I was in life and then all of a sudden Melissa awakened me to why it is that I feel that I want more from this life, why I continue to feel drained and disconnected from my current life. These three words have changed my life forever…


We can choose to live our lives out of fear, fear of what our friends, family, and colleagues may think of us. Fear of our physical appearance, relationships ending or not being accepted or loved for who we truly are within. Now take a moment and really think about this.

Do you want to live a life out of fear? I know that I don’t. I am ready to live an honest and true life with myself, and yes who I am may no longer sustain the current lifestyle and connections that I have, though it may also make them stronger or introduce me to new relationships that open my eyes to ideas I have never thought of.

I am dedicated to living my life and making each decision out of LOVE. Because when I live out of a place of love, speak out of a place of love and provide love to the world around me this can only return love to me. And that seems like a beautiful place to me, to be surrounded by love and sharing love out of honesty and truth.

I encourage you to think about how living a life out of a place of love instead of a place of fear may provide a new perspective to you and your world. I highly recommend visiting Melissa’s website. It has provided me with inspiration and faith that life can be more!

I would love to hear if this resonates with you and what works for you in the comments below. Share open and freely, we’re all on a journey to finding our health, happiness and love. What works for you might just be the thing that clicks for someone else, so please share.

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I am so grateful you are here, reading my words and for finding your way to health, happiness and love.

Have fun on your journey!