Rest & Reflect

Autumn has arrived and it’s a timely reminder to begin to slow down, return your attention inward in order to release and drop anything that’s holding you back.

The ability to slow down is one that is often overlooked. Often seen as indulgent and unnecessary, though is what I feel one of the most necessary requirements for happiness, health and love.

When we don’t allow ourselves time and space to stop we miss the body begins to feel run down. You continually feel lethargic, lacklustre, disorganised, drained and stressed out. The mind begins to feel scattered, chaotic and forgetful. It feels as though you’re on the rollercoaster of highs and lows, always seeking the next high.

Often without time and space to slow down, we don’t allow ourselves the ever-important ability to check-in with how we’re feeling, how our dreams and goals are going and if our intentions have shifted.

We continue on a race to the finish line, without understanding if the finish line is one that’s aligned with your intentions and dreams.

This is how we reach the end of another year no closer to our dreams, no closer to true joy and contentment and no closer to those we love.

Giving yourself time and space to slow down gives you the ability to reflect on the life you are creating for yourself and your relationships with your loved ones. It gives you the ability to adapt and shift your intentions and goals to be aligned with your dreams and the life that you want for yourself. It also gives you the ability to reflect upon your wins, your achievements and the areas you’d like to grow in.

Autumn is the perfect time to stop and reflect. To let go of anything that is no longer serving you and cultivate more of what you love.

Like the trees that drop their leaves to allow for new growth, we too must drop thoughts, patterns and behaviours that are no longer aligned with our true self to allow for new growth within.

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I am so grateful you are here, reading my words and for finding your way to health, happiness and love.

Have fun on your journey!