The Power Of Choice

Around the age of seven, we start to realise our power around choice. It is at this age that we start interacting with other children and adults, more independently from our parents.

From these interactions, we create an individual identity, away from the one we hold in our families and this is when we begin to explore our power of choice further.

Once we begin to choose things for ourselves, we begin to feel the full power of the outcomes.

We begin to ride the highs and lows of the outcomes of our decisions and the full power of choice brings to light our need for control.

We begin to think in terms of conflict-inducing opposites: me or you, mine or yours, good or bad, right or wrong, winner or loser, rich or poor.

With each outcome, positive or negative we begin to place pressure on whether the choices we are making and they are the right one, and in doing this we give power to our fear to the changing rhythm that is life.

The thought pattern that we’ll make one choice and this will remain set in stone forever seems to creep in. It’s as if you have to choose for the rest of our time on this earth where you will live, what career you will have, who will surround you and who you are.

You will make all of these choices, and though time shall pass your choices must remain relevant for all of these outcomes for years to come.

We begin to forget that it’s not what we choose that matters, our power to influence an outcome lies within a reason for making a certain choice, to begin with.

Our ability to make a new choice once a past decision no longer serves us is just as important. It is the ability to move with the rhythm of life that leads to fulfilment.

The key is to become aware of what motivates us to make the choices that we do. In learning about our motives, we can learn to release the fear that we allow to determine our choices and begin to connect back to our core making choices from a place of peace.

The lesson is that we cannot be in control. The task before us is to master our inner responses to the external world, our thoughts and emotions.

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I am so grateful you are here, reading my words and for finding your way to health, happiness and love.

Have fun on your journey!